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Cookies use

In which way we use cookies

A cookie its a short test sent by the browser to a visited Web Site. Allow the Site to memorize information regarding the Site's visit, like the language and other information. This facilitates the flowing visits on that Web Site and improve the utility in your favor. Cookies have an important role. Without them Internet would not be a good experience. Cookies are used to different goals, for example to memorize your preferences on bookings, to show on the display more interested products, to count the visitor numbers that are visiting a Site, to help you to register to our services and to protect you personal data. You can see the cookies list that we use. Our Privacy Policy explained how we protect your privacy during the cookies' utilization and other information.

Kind of cookies used

We use different kind of cookies to manage our Site. On your browser could be registered some or all cookies explain here bellow. You can manage cookies on your browser (this option could not be available on mobile devices).

Technical Cookies and Aggregate Statistics

Activities needed for the functioning

This application used cookies to saved the User's session and to do activities that are connected to that, for example the traffic distribution.

Preferences saving, optimization and Statistics

This application used cookies to save the surfers preferences and optimize the surfers User's experience. A part of this cookies for example are options to save the language and currency, or manage the Site's owner statistics.

Other kind of cookies or thirds instruments that could used them

Some of the following services could not ask the User acceptance or could be manage directly from the owner – based on what is written – without thirds helps.

In case that on the instrument indicated were mage by third parts, this ones could – without the owner knowing – make some activities regarding the User's draw. For more information please read the section Privacy Policy and services.

Social Network's interaction and others platform

This services allow to interact with Social Networks, or with other external platforms, direct from this Site's pages. Every interaction and information taken from this applications are protected with the User's Privacy Policy according to every Social Network. When social networks applications are installed on the mobile service or personal computer, also if this ones are not used the personal data are collected anyways.

Like Button and Social widget on Facebook (Facebook, Inc.)

The button “Like” and the social widget on Facebook are interaction with the Social Network Facebook and they are supplied by Facebook Inc. The personal data collected are: Cookies and surfers data, place of treatment: USA – Privacy Policy

Tweet button and social widget on Twitter (Twitter, Inc.)

The Tweet button and the social widget on Twitter are interactions with the Social Network Twitter, supplier by Twitter, Inc. The personal data collected are: Cookies and surfers data, place of treatment: USA – Privacy Policy

+1 button and social widget on Google+ (Google Inc.)

The +1 button and the social widget on Google+ are interactions with the Social Network Google, supplier by Google, Inc. The personal data collected are: Cookies and surfers data, place of treatment: USA – Privacy Policy

Pin in button and social widget on Pinterest (Pinterest)

The Pin-it and the social widget on Pinterest are interactions with the Social Network Pinterest.Personal data collected are: Cookies and surfers data, place of treatment: USA – Privacy Policy


The services contained in this sections allow the Owner to analize the trafiic of data and permit to draw the User's behavior.

Google Analytics (Google Inc)

Google Analytics its a web analysis service supplier by Google Inc (“Google”). Google used the personal data collected with to scope of draw and analyze the using of this application, fill-in reports and share them with Google's programmers. Google could use the personal data to personalize it's promotions content. Personal data collected are: Cookies and surfers data, place of treatment: USA – Privacy PolicyOpt Out

Google Tag Manager (Google Inc.)

Google Tag Manager is a service for statistics supplier by Google Inc. Personal data collected are: Cookies and surfers data, place of treatment: USA – Privacy Policy

How to control the cookies' installation?

In addition of what explained before on this document, the User can manage his Cookies preferences directly on his own browser and prevent – for example – that third parts could install them. Trough the browser preferences it is also possible to delete cookies already installed for which was possible to choose the cookies installment. It is important to inform that when cookies are delete or disable the Site's work could be difficult. The User found information regarding how to delete or disable cookies at the following Sites: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Microsoft Windows Explorer.

In case that the services are supplied by third parts, the User can express the own right to oppose to the tracing by taking information with the third part's privacy policy trough the link at opt out, or by contacting the third part. In addition from what was already explained, the Owner inform the User that  Your Online Choices can be used.

With that service its possible to manage the tracing of almost all promotions services. The owner, advise to the User to use that option in addition to the information given with this document.

Treatment Method

The treatment is done trough informatics and telematic instruments or manually (for example on papers written documents) for the necessary time to reach the goals for which the personal data was collected and in any way by respecting the rules regarding this matter.

Data provision discretion

In addition for what above explained, the Users are free to supplier the own personal data. In the case that this is not done the consequences are that could be difficult to obtain what was requested.

User's rights

Users have the rights at any moment to access at the own personal data and also have the rights to ask in any moment to: the data origins, to change data information, to upload the data, to add additional data when they are incomplete or lock the data given or oppose to the data use for personal reason according to the article n. 7 on the Privacy Code.

Personal Data's Owner

COSMOS ITALIA S.R.L. UNIPERSONALE - Via Cadore 7/A, 33083 CHIONS (PN) - P.IVA 01650260936 - Tel./Fax +39 0434.27697 - + 39 0434.1851087 - PEC: cosmositaliasrl@pec.it

The cookies installations or other draw system can not be controlled by the Owner, every specific reference regarding cookies and draw system installed from third parts should be considered as approximated. To obtain complete information, kindly visit the third part Privacy Policy section. Since the difficult identification to the technologist systems regarding Cookies and their interaction with internet, we invite the User to contact the Owner in case they desire to received any kind of additional information regarding Cookies.