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Commercial Investigations

Business information

The investigative reports provide data on companies and natural person in order to minimize credit risk by optimizing business opportunities. They give economic, timely and reliable information.

Official data on Italian companies and natural person, information on foreign countries, reclassified financial statements, verification of protests, prejudicial and procedures, proprietary algorithms and information on corporate groups, real estate information on natural person and legal person to support clients in evaluating their credits, helping to make informed decisions and reduce credit risk.

Real estate and land registry, real estate information and reports are the most effective tools to outline the financial situation of a subject, as they permit to carry out capital checks by drawing directly from the information of the revenue agency, where are registered and filed all the real estate documents stipulated by natural and juridical person on national territory and where all the real estate assets, stacked as land or buildings, are registered.




The investigations made in order to obtain debt collection permit to access to the information system, to know availability of the debtor and the assets or sources of income, necessary to cover the event of non-payment.

In order to take in consideration a debt collection action, it is impostant to have some specific information:


  • riferimenti anagrafici completi e verificati;
  • debtor's availability;
  • asset and sources of income: coming from real and personal properties, bank accounts, job as employee or retirement benefits.

Cosmos offers investigative services for complete and reliable debt collection, supporting clients both in case of debt collection through mediation with counterpart, than acquisition of the documents necessary for an executive process.

Thanks the collaboration with financial analysts, interviewers, corrispondents, investigators and real estate specialists, with different levels of in-depth examination in base of different needs:

  • research personal data, place of work and bank datas;
  • investigative report and asset investigation usefull for the debt collection;
  • reserch heirs and checking of acceptance of the inheritance.

The information are provided in full compliance with the regulations on privacy.


The marketing lists allow to identify in a targeted and effective way new potential customers, on which to set up commercial development actions. Cosmos, through batch processing, provides commercial information, real estate info and budget data of Italian and foreign companies, according to the parameters provided by the customer.

Thanks to the Cosmos companies dabase, the information available are varied and customizable according to customer needs.

Commercial and real estate information can also be used for integration, in particular to enhance its database or to segment its customer portfolio.

Prospect Search

to identify new potential customers, new targets or assess the potential of the market.

Targeted filters on company form, sector, area and size to have only quality names available: each selection is subjected to negativity verification and excludes companies on which procedures have been detected or protests.

Competitive analysis

For a direct comparison with your competitors.

Comparison on structure, market, rating and economic data also enriched by a detailed analysis on commercial structures, financial cycles and market share. The analysis of strengths and weaknesses highlights the positive and negative performances of each company examined.

Sectoral analysis

To deepen all the significant data of over 500 business sectors. An indispensable tool able to detect risks and opportunities in every sector by providing cosinstenze, ratings, elements of negativity and economic data. The comparison of the performances achieved by the best 5 companies of the sub-fund further enriches the relationship.