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Who can use our services?

Our services aim to enterprises that search a global approach regarding the credit management and special services, from interdiction until the unsolved recovery. Our result is to have an unique assistant relationship, open and flexible, that know deeply the business partners and can act with effectiveness and promptness on credit recovery.

Can I use Cosmos services also if I am a SME?

Yes, you can. We offer different kind of services according to each client, so you can measure your investment according to each need.

How can I book your services?

To use our services it's necessary to sign a contact. For more information call the following number +39 0434.27697 or write an email at info@cosmostuteladelcredito.com.

Can the Cosmos commercial information guarantee the credit limit?

All the information that Cosmos gives guarantees that the all the data are update at the moment in which the request is made.

Not every commercial information can guarantee a positive result, but if it is done in a correct way, it became the right instrument to limit the unsolved risk.

When can I ask your services?

You can read all our services at www.cosmostuteladelcredito.com, log in on the Client Area and send to us your request (Monday to Saturday 8,00am till 9pm)

Which kind of assistance Cosmos offers?

More than 5 professionals are available to assist you and offer a prompt answer, punctual and specify according to your needs; in addition our Internal Legal Staff guarantee a qualify support regarding the juridical sector.

Cosmos' Lawyer guarantee a shortly time to reach the final result?

No. Cosmos' Lawyers need always to respect the Italian justice administrations times, but they guaranteed that every action is made in a promptly way, directly conduct with the debtor so having low cost and high results.

Can I control my procedures and consumes?

Yes, you can. You should log in on the Client Area on the website www.cosmostuteladelcredito.com, and it is always possible to see every single procedure and see the details of every activity done, it is also possible to see all the documents related with the procedure.

In addition the archive of every procedure is available and the Client can verify the results obtained and see a upload picture of it's consumes. On the same area it is also possible to search all the procedures that Cosmos worked on by inserting different filters as: kind of service, result, amount etc.

Which are the plus and cons of the juridical recovery?

For example, in case of unsolved, it is always better to conclude with a benevolent agreement to gain in a short time the recovery costs. However in some situations the juridical recovery is not enough to obtain the payment or objective elements to have a correct loss. In these cases the juridical action is the only option that can solve and conclude the situation.


  • This method gives the possibility to persuade the debtor
  • Drive the debtor in a quick decision since attack the debtor's personal possessions
  • Ensure the eventually creditor's losing in case of negative result
  • Allows to proceed with the VAT recovery


  • Longer times of procedure
  • Higher costs in case of a negative result

To avoid the risk of having additional costs regarding the legal action, Cosmos has introduced the fixed deductible option that prevent our Client's costs in case of a negative result.

Why I should choose COSMOS for my enterprise's credit management?

To choose COSMOS means to have a specialized partner regarding credit recovery and prevention services. Cosmos offers:

  • Consolidate experience by working on the entire national territory
  • Unique kind of contract for recovery services and commercial research
  • Guarantee of having always upload information
  • High quality team of specialized professionals
  • Rating system evolved
  • Deep knowledge of the market
  • Complete range of intervention regarding credit recovery including juridical actions
  • Exclusive juridical formula with fixed deductible from the cost
  • Quality and balance certifications
  • More than 2000 active clients and consolidate collaborations with the principals entrepreneur's associations.

Which are the security guarantee of Cosmos' website?

Cosmos' website respect the security standard guarantee from:

  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
  • Private area with username and password which only the clients knows
  • Changed password recurring compulsory, which allows the user to have the possibility to change the login data at any time.