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  1. Introduction
  2. Settlement
  3. Web Site access
  4. Postponement
  5. User obligation
  6. Link and malware
  7. Industrial and intellectual property

1. Introduction

With the section Warnings Cosmos ITALIA S.R.L. UNIPERSONALE, VAT Number IT-01650260936, with registered offices in Via Cadore 7/A, 33083 CHIONS (PN), ("COSMOS ITALIA S.R.L. UNIPERSONALE"), decided the rules regarding the log-in and the surfing on the own internet website supervised by COSMOS ITALIA S.R.L. UNIPERSONALE ("Site"), with exclusive ownership of COSMOS ITALIA S.R.L. UNIPERSONALE.

2. Settlement

The following descriptions below indicated with the capital letter (whether in singular or in plural) have the following meanings:

  1. Sales general conditions ("SGC"): contractual conditions with which COSMOS ITALIA S.R.L.UNIPERSONALE regulates the commercial relations within the Users and buyers, as defined below, according to a telematics negotiation;
  2. Buyer: subject who conclude a contract with COSMOS ITALIA S.R.L.UNIPERSONALE. According to the Italian consumption Code (Legislative Decree n. 206/2005) defines buyer the natural person that acts for unrelated purpose to any business or professional activity (“Buyer”) and professional the natural or juridical person who acts in purpose of the own entrepreneur or professional activity, or his intermediary (“Professional”);
  3. User: any subject that use the Site that can used the services offering by the Society, included the web Site product’s Buyer;
  4. Privacy: privacy policy that COSMOS ITALIA S.R.L. UNIPERSONALE public on its website regarding the personal data process of User and Buyer.
  5. Data: User and Buyer’s personal data, supplied according to the privacy policy, for example by filling in the online form to register on the web Site.
  6. Product: object good of the single transaction (products and services). All information regarding the Product are included on the specific card and cannot be considered binding for COSMOS ITALIA S.R.L. UNIPERSONALE, but only in the way explained on the SGC. If particular information is needed or in case the Buyer desire to have more information regarding the Product, the Buyer should ask more information at COSMOS ITALIA S.R.L. UNIPERSONALE;
  7. Service: the e-commerce platform management made for Users to purchase Cosmos’ Products. Thank to the Service, Users (I) can see Society’s products catalogues (ii) and buy them online. The Service its owned by the COSMOS ITALIA S.R.L. UNIPERSONALE, which manages it completely independently at its own discretionary and discretionary judgment according to the SGC;
  8. Parts: COSMOS ITALIA S.R.L.UNIPERSONALE, the User and the Buyers;
  9. Contract: purchase pact for one or more Products concluded electronically in between the Buyers and COSMOS ITALIA S.R.L.UNIPERSONALE according to the SGC. The Contract is considered settled on the registered office of COSMOS ITALIA S.R.L.UNIPERSONALE;

3. Web Site Access

The Site host a web platform designed to performance the Service, thanks to that the Users can purchase COSMOS’ Products.

The Access to the Site, the product’s information and the Sign up are free.

Without the obligations deriving from the Contract, COSMOS ITALIA S.R.L. UNIPERSONALE do not guarantee the continue access to the Site, also because may depend for external factors that are not COSMOS’ responsibility. The access to the private area can be momentary interrupt from COSMOS ITALIA S.R.L. UNIPERSONALE, for example for technical reasons, for owner's choices according t major forces, or the violation of the User’s obligations of, without that the User has nothing to expect from COSMOS ITALIA S.R.L. UNIPERSONALE.

COSMOS ITALIA S.R.L. UNIPERSONALE will also have the possibility to modify the Site at any time also regarding the log-in way to the Service, also if this modification can change the Service content.

4. Postponement

The purchase contracts made in between the two parts regulated with the SGC can be consulted on the web Site inside the section General conditions.

The privacy discipline is contained on the page Privacy Policy on the web Site. To have a consolidated guarantee regarding the privacy policy, COSMOS ITALIA S.R.L. 2. UNIPERSONALE decided to follow the European Union's Privacy Policy, also where should not be applicable.

5. User obligation

The User commit to access and used the Site by respecting the civil, penal ad administrative rules (local, regional, EU law and International law) sopecially regarding the discipline (i) focus on personal data, (ii) in copyrighting matter and industrial property, (iii) aimed at cybercrimes crime.

Regarding what explained before the User commit to: (i) do not to use the Site for illegal, illicit or contrary to public order, morality and customs; (ii) to do not use the Site to transmit in any way any material that is abusive with respect to the Purpose and the Service offered by COSMOS ITALIA S.R.L. UNIPERSONALE, illegitimate, illicit, pornographic, racist and / or otherwise obscene, vulgar, defamatory; (Iii) to do not transmit messages that allow third person to have and illicit or a crimily behavior which will judge under penal responsibility, civil or administrative (iv) to do not send commercial messages and/or promotions so to do not make any “spam”, or any other illegal communications or opposite to the rules (v) to do not infect the system with virus malware or any other program that can damage, delete or intercept personal data, or tu use any type or ptogramm peer to peer that has the same goals (vi) to do not carry actions that deliver to an excessive computer load on the Site system.

6. Link and malware

Also if we periodically control the content of the linked pages and the promotional banner, COSMOS ITALIA S.R.L. UNIPERSONALE can not take any responsibility regarding their content.

Even tough COSMOS ITALIA S.R.L. UNIPERDONALE controls its Site periodically, it can not guarantee that the Site will be free of virus or other noxious programs. Before accessing on internet, download documents or do anything important like give personal data, the Use needs to used the most update protection measure.

8. Industrial and intellectual property

The User recognize that brands, content, programs, layout, texts, images, photography’s, videos, databases used by COSMOS ITALIA S.R.L. UNIPESONALE, but also any other technic, creative solution used by COSMOS ITALIA S.R.L. UNIPERSONALE on its Site are exclusive property of COSMOS ITALIA S.R.L. UNIPERSONALE, unless otherwise indicated or agreement.

To the Users is extremely forbidden any use of the Site that are not connected with the Site’s finality and with the finality COSMOS ITALIA S.R.L UNIPERONALE, contrary to the section 8A, including the reproduction, sale, modification, distribution, transmission, republishing, even partially of the contents, information, programs, layouts, texts, of the photographs and databases available on the Site and of the technical, creative and creative solutions adopted.